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Analyse your code, control your cost.


Unlock new levels of productivity with Foreworth's precision metrics for software teams.

Ensure precise cost control of software vendor billing.

Quantify Copilot's impact on software development productivity.

Foreworth Explained:

Transforming the future of your business

Boost the productivity of your software development teams

Discover unparalleled insights into each team member's performance and expertise with Foreworth's precise metrics. By evaluating and quantifying developer contributions, Foreworth provides a clear picture of individual and collective productivity.

Foreworth's strength lies not only in enhancing productivity but also in its ability to objectively measure the impact of innovative tools like Copilot. As highlighted in our ongoing work, we are actively assessing the productivity implications of such automatic code-generation tools on our clients' operations.

Foreworth's framework enhances partnerships with external providers, ensuring fair collaboration and effective control of project costs. Our system optimizes spending by targeting unproductive expenses in both internal teams and vendors, thereby balancing cost-effectiveness with high productivity.

Win the race towards enhanced productivity, cost-effectiveness, and informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of software development.

Companies that trust us



We have improved visibility and negotiation capability with our suppliers, achieving a significant enhancement in productivity and reducing costs by more than 20%

JordiCFO Goal

Jordi Gonzalez

CFO | Goal Systems

The implementation process was swift and easy to navigate, with great communication from Foreworth. Once they had access to our repositories, we had initial results within a day. Our team then wanted to verify the analysis, which took a few days, during which time Foreworth continued to be very responsive to our queries and helped us ensure that the analysis was complete and fair. Afterwards, Foreworth continued to support us and help us understand and analyse the data. Their commitment to us as a customer is greatly appreciated.


Christopher Hodder

VP of Engineering | OPUS2

With Foreworth, we're now able to make the right adjustments at the right time to drive development team productivity and deliver the highest-quality code


Manuel Illanes

CTO | TopDigital




Goal Systems Success Story

Discover how Foreworth has helped Goal Systems better manage its various software development providers, leading to reduced billing, improved project tracking, cost reduction, and streamlined invoicing.
Instant 23% reduction in supplier costs and a sustained 38.8% improvement in software development team productivity. Discover the complete success story here.

Other Success Stories

20% increase in
per-team member productivity during period of rapid growth

Foreworth allowed this client for better and efficient scaling & resourcing of team members reversed long-term trend of productivity decrease

£1m+ saving on underperforming external provider


Budget reinvested in high performing teams, resulting in 60% increase in output within 3 months

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